Innovative manufacturing technologies for the hydrogen economy.


Innovative manufacturing technologies for the hydrogen economy.

Efficient production systems for hydrogen components

Do you manufacture components or entire systems such as fuel cells, electrolyzers, electrochemical pumps, batteries or similar for the expanding hydrogen economy? Do you have growing demand/call-off volumes and are you under cost pressure at the same time? We are experts for customized automation in series production.

In close cooperation we determine whether manual, semi-automated or fully-automated stations are suitable for your production. Solutions are at our hands also when it comes to producing different types on the same line to realize a higher capacity utilization during ramp-up and also providing you with the greatest possible flexibility.

The MÜKO solution:
We offer solutions to produce your innovations for the hydrogen economy.

Increase production
efficiently with customized

  • Do you want to automate step by step? Want to start with certain process steps only and then add further automation as needed?
    Also for this we offer smart solutions.

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Benefit from decades of experience with assembly processes used in the production of fuel cells, electrolyzers, electrochemical pumps, batteries, etc:

• Welding of metallic bipolar plates
• Stacking of bipolar plates/MEA
• Assembly of (end) caps
• Application of sealants, contact agents or adhesives
• Joining, screwing, pressing etc.
• Handling of complete stacks

This also includes test stations (leak test, electrical properties etc.) for quality assurance and traceability.

We are your competent partner to scale up your hydrogen business.