We are there for you – in every time zone.

Our machines are present in over 15 countries on almost all the continents.
With our production sites located in Germany, China and the USA, we are situated closely to our customers in all the world, and therefore can deal with your requests quickly and easily.

MÜKO in Germany

Heinkelstraße 46 (Weinstadt, Germany)

Moved in: 2007
Footprint: 3.250 square meters
Staff: around 75
Sales, design, assembly, programming, parts production, testing lab, commercial processing, training

Heinkelstraße 9 (Weinstadt, Germany)

Moved in: 2016 & 2020
Footprint: 4.200 square meters
Staff: around 80
Work preparation, assembly, programming, hardware planning, electrical assembly, logistics, R&D, customer service

Design office Lindenberg (Germany)

Moved in: 2012
Footprint: 100 square meters
Staff: 2
Services: Design

MÜKO in China

MueKo Machinery (MCN) (Suzhou, China)

Moved in: 2012
Footprint: 1.600 square meters
Staff: around 25
Sales, design, assembly, programming, parts production, import/export, commercial processing, customer service

MÜKO in the US

MueKo Machinery Inc. (MUS) (Suwanee, GA, USA)

Moved in: 2019
Footprint: 650 square meters
Staff: 4
Sales, assembly of small production lines, programming, commercial processing, customer service


Telschig GmbH (Weinstadt, Germany)

Moved in: 2019
Staff: 8
Big-bag emptying solutions